Thursday, September 3, 2009

Detroit Calls Foul

Detroit Tigers GM gull1 has been clamoring for more than a week now for what he calls justice.

After a proposed deal with the Louisville Sluggers was soundly defeated via veto faster than a congress energy bill.

Gull has screamed for the right to decide his teams fate without interference.
Even going so far as to point out previous trades made that he saw as "much worse".

"He apparently feels like he's being picked on. He wants everyone to just lay down and let it through. While it might be plausible that other deals similar to that have gone through. This is a different situation and has to be judged as such." One world owner said on the condition of anonymity.

"I would have preferred the deal from the Tigers over the Oakland deal we got instead. It was more in line with my needs for the season after signing that star international free agent." The Sluggers owner cspring was quoted as saying.

Some feedback from around the world shows mixed reactions.

"Everyone has the right to decide what is or isn't best for their team. Everyone plunks down their cash to play. It's like putting down money in a poker game and then after being told you can't play Aces. There is no right or wrong strategy for the game, just what works for you."

"It's a league issue that was handled soundly by the league. Vetoes are a part of the process and like them or lump them they are there for a reason. This isn't Major League Baseball, we don't don't do dump deals with poor quality going back to another team."

"Well if he has such an issue with it then he's playing the wrong game. The deal was absolutely atrocious and the right thing was done with regards to it. It was simply a case of a GM trying to get over and it got shot down hard. Now if only they'd stop Baltimore from doing it maybe someone else could win a WS."

One thing is certain, this issue has the potential to drag on for a long time. It could possibly get even worse depending on if the "wronged" party is willing to let it go or not.

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