Wednesday, October 1, 2014


As we continue our review of the best ever at each position in Majors history, I have a slightly controversial selection at 2B.  This is an active player - who's power stats might not rise to the level of our 1B award winner, but who is clearly at 35, still at the top of his game.  The selection at 2B is Chris Roberts, Oakland Athletics.

Hardball Dynasty – Fantasy Baseball Sim Games - Player Profile: Chris Roberts

Roberts' stats through his 14th Majors Season:

.332 Batting Average:   3rd All Time
.441 OBP:                      1st All-Time
.532 Slugging
.971 OPS
293 HRs
1539 Runs Scored
1173 RBI
340 SB
5 Time MVP                 2nd All-Time
8 Time All-Star
.981 Career Fielding Percentage at 2nd Base

Honorable Mention:  Quilvio Tavarez, Florida; Henry Walls, Colorado; Willie Vazquez, Boston; Michael Edmonds, Tampa Bay; Tony Mercedes, Texas.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


I am going to start a string of posts listing the best ever in the Majors at each position based on my opinion.  This is only 1 opinion.  Feel free to provide your own opinion to each position.  Today, we are going to start with the easiest position - first base.


This one is pretty clear.  The best ever first baseman in Majors history is:

Hardball Dynasty – Fantasy Baseball Sim Games - Player Profile: Ron Jacobs

Rob Jacobs may be considered the best offensive player in Majors history.  His stats are otherworldy:

.346 Average:                  1st All-Time
.426 OBP:                        2nd All-Time
2058 Runs Scored           2nd All-Time
.667 Slugging                  1st All Time
913 HRs - yes 913:          1st All Time
2486 RBI:                        1st All-Time
3503 hits:                         1st All-Time
10-time MVP
Had 88 HRs and 198 RBI in one season
12-time All-Star

I think we can all agree that Mr. Jacobs is the best 1B evern in Majors.
Honorable Mention:  Alex Stein, Montreal/LA; Del Matsui, Pittsburgh; Hector Sosa, Chicago

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trade Deadline Passes with Flurry of Deals

MLB- Friday's trade deadline did not pass quietly. With a total 10 trades happening around the deadline, 30 players found new homes, including one, Emilio Villa, being traded twice.  The busiest team was the Washington Nationals, who participated in half of the "deadline deals".  The Nats ended up acquiring multiple big names, including Richard Simmons and Santo Marichal (seen above).  The Louisville Sluggers also made a big move by trading two high-level prospects and pitcher Dusty Arnold for young center field star-to-be Alvin Roberts.

O's Murton Drives in 7 in Win Over White Sox

CHICAGO- Baltimore Oriole first baseman Alan Murton racked up seven RBIs in last Sunday's 12-4 win over the Chicago White Sox.  All seven runs batted in rooted from just two home runs: a grand slam in the fifth and a three-run bomb in the ninth.  The slugger, struggling somewhat this year with just a .229 BA after being acquired in an offseason trade with the Dodgers, has still hit 30 home runs so far this season with 65 RBIs.

Ensberg Hits in 7 in Giants' Victory

DENVER- 23 year old star right fielder Donn Ensberg drove in 7 runs in a 16-3 San Francisco win against the Colorado Rockies Monday.  Ensberg went 4 for 5 with a walk and three runs scored to add to his 7 RBIs.  He finished the game just a triple away from the cycle, his biggest hit coming as a two-run blast in the ninth to top off the Giants' 16-run offensive explosion.  Ensberg is having a breakout year, currently having 29 home runs and 96 RBIs to go with an MLB-leading .346 batting average.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lombard Wins Home Run Derby

SAN FRANCISCO- Pittsburgh Pirates third baseman Hiram Lombard crushed 33 balls out of AT&T Park to kick off All-Star Weekend Saturday afternoon. Hitting 7 more bombs than he has all season, Lombard homered 8 times in round one, 14 times in round two, and 11 times in round three to ultimately beat the Yankees' Mike Rushford for the crown. Other participants included Red Sox Tripp Wall and Erik Jacquez, Giant Donn Ensberg, Mets Alex Hoffman and Rafael Mesa, and Ranger Dan Bonds.

SAN FRANCISCO-  Here's the breakdown of the All Star teams per team:
American League
Anaheim Angels (1): LF Tony Solano
Arizona Diamondbacks (1): SS Eli Romero
Baltimore Orioles (1): C Marlon Kingsale
Boston Red Sox (8): P Garrett Kendall, P Donovan Little, P Orlando Perez, 1B Erik Jacquez, 2B Tripp Wall, 3B Alexei Ferrer, LF Paul Diaz, RF Matthew Ramirez
Chicago White Sox (1): P Luis Polanco
Cleveland Indians (1): P Lou Gibson
Detroit Tigers (2): P Benji Saez, CF R.J. Ugueto
Kansas City Royals (1): SS Don Kotsay
Louisville Sluggers (2): P Jumbo Siqueiros, P Sammy James
Minnesota Twins: None
New York Yankees (5): P Alex Cosby, P Ed Gleason, P Brian Cheung, C Ronnie Handworth, DH Mike Rushford
Oakland Athletics: None
Seattle Mariners (1): 1B Jim Hunt
Tampa Bay Rays: None
Texas Rangers (4): P Gene Page, P Pablo Perez, 2B Ariel Rivera, CF Dan Bonds
Toronto Blue Jays (2): 3B Donaldo Lopez, RF Patrick Milner

National League
Atlanta Braves (5): P Lawrence McConnell, P Parker Perez, C Frank Kondou, 3B Matt Morris, SS Tomas Lima
Chicago Cubs: None
Cincinnati Reds: None
Colorado Rockies (3): P Louis Durham, LF Domingo Duran, RF Jose Rivera
Houston Astros: None
Los Angeles Dodgers: None
Montreal Expos (2): P Wayne Ray, 1B Billy Grabow
Miami Marlins (1): P Harry Diaz
Milwaukee Brewers (1): C Bernie Javier
New York Mets (8): P Matty Polanco, P Philip Ransom, P Tito Starr, P Carlos Castillo, P Huston Beirne, 2B Benito Posada, SS Rafael Mesa, LF Alex Hoffman
Philadelphia Phillies (1): P Willy Jennings
Pittsburgh Pirates (3): 2B Jeremi Brocail, 3B Hiram Lombard, CF Rich Long
San Diego Padres (1): P Buck Weston
San Francisco Giants (2): P Goose Leary, RF Donn Ensberg
St. Louis Cardinals (1): P Pablo Calderon
Washington Nationals (2): 1B Felipe Cela, CF Gabe Potvin

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I'd like to start a new debate on this blog - the top pitcher and top position player of all time.  I'll start with the nominees for the top position player of all-time.  After we vote, I'll post the winner.

1.  Chris Roberts - Seattle Mariners

Roberts is currently 31 years old in his 9th Season in the Majors and he already has accumulated these stats:

9-Time All-Star
5-Time MVP
1 World Series Ring
.334 Average (3rd All-Time, .446 OBP (1st All-Time), .584 Slugging Percentage, 221 SB and 414 HR

Its clear that Chris Roberts is going to be a sure fire Hall-of-Famer and is a good nominee for All-Time Greatest Position Player.

2.  Ronnie Hodges - Colorado Rockies
Hodges is the first member of the Majors Hall-of-Fame.  He was a 3-Time MVP, 5 Time All-Star and accumulated a .321 Batting Avg, with a .397 OBP and and a .606 Slugging Percentage.  His overall stats were hurt by the fact that he started in Season 1 of Majors and only was able to play 12 years.

3.  Ron Jacobs - Boston Red Sox

The standard bearer.  Jacobs is the front-runner for this award.  He's accumulated the most amazing stats and was a recently elected to the Majors Hall-of-Fame.  His stats are a listing of the top of the all-time leader board:

Avg:  .346 - 1st All Time
Hits:  3503 - 1st All Time
HR:  913 - 1st All Time
OBP:  .426 - 2nd All-Time
Slug:  .677 - 1st All-Time
12 Time All Star and 10-time MVP all most ever.  He aslo added 2 World Series rings.

4.  Vin Colome - Texas Rangers

Second All-Time in HRs with 818, Colome was a 9-time All-Star and 1 time MVP.  He would have won more MVP's if it wasn't for Jacobs.  He also added had 3107 Hits and 2,284 RBI and played a decent 3B (although he struggles when played out of position at SS).

5.   William Mateo - Colorado Rockies
You can argue that Mateo is a product of his environment, but he hit .305 with 30 HRs in San Fransico this past season.  He, like Roberts is 31, and is entering his 11th Season.  He stats to date have been excellent:  .340 Avg (would place him 2nd all time), .418 OBP, .602 Slugging, with 337 HRs and over 1600 hits.  He's a 8-Time All-Star

Honorable Mention:  Sammy Alexander:  7-Time All-Star, 594 HRs, 2 Gold Gloves and 1 MVP; Doc Kingman: .420 OBP, 576 HR, .302 Avg., 5-Time All-Star; Donaldo Martin:  .297 Avg, 708 HR, .362 OBP. 1 MVP and 2 World Series Rings; Del Matsui, 6-Time All-Star, 1 MVP, 2 World Series Rings, 2 Gold Gloves, 573 HR, 463 SB, .291 Avg.; and Oscar Womack, .316 Avg., 519 SB, 1884 runs (4th All-Time), 444 HR, 8-Time All-Star, 2 World Series Rings and 2 Gold Gloves.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Much like the current MLB results, the Majors League has had difficulty in the Hall of Fame Voting in that it was hard to get anyone inducted.  From Season 15 when the first member of the Hall of Fame was enacted (3-Time MVP Ronnie Hodges)

to Season 23, only 8 players were enshrined in 8 seasons.  Thereafter in Season 24, a renewed effort to vote in those who were worthy was enacted and three (3) new members were enshrined in Season 24.  They were:

The one time MVP and six time All-Star hit 573 HRs in his career. with 1900 RBI and a .885 OPS.  He was a three time gold glove winner at 1B and won two World Series rings.

Hanley Walker was an easy choice for the Hall.  He was a 10-time All-Star and 4-time Cy Young winner who won 2 World Series.   He won 316 games in his career against just 162 loses with a 1.23 WHIP. 

Another no-brainer.  Garcia also won 4 Cy Young's but beat Walker with 13-All Star appearances.  He won 312 games against an amazing 132 loses, a 1.14 WHIP and an ERA under 3.00.   He was still effective in his Age 40 Season and played 22 ML Seasons.

Given the success of Season 24, here is one pitcher and one hitter who should be considered for enshrinement in the Hall:

Rob Jacobs should be a lock.  He retired after Season 23 and his stats make him the best player to ever play in the Majors.   913 HRs, an amazing .426 career OBP and an even more amazing 1.103 career OPS.  Not to mention an astonishing 10-straight MVPs.  If Jacobs does not get in on the first ballot then they should disband the Hall. 

One of the biggest issues and debates in HD Dynasty is what to do with players who started the league at an advanced age and were not able to accumulate stats in their prime years.  James Chang  started Season 1 at age 30 and was only able to pitch in 8 full ML Seasons.  But in those sesaons he won 119 games (almost 15 per season) and lost only 64 games.   In those 8 seasons he had a WHIP under 1.16.  Is it wrong to assume that Change would have racked up many more victories if he was able to pitch 22 season, most of which would have been in his prime. If he pitched just as good between his Age 22-30 seasons as he did between his age 30-38 Seasons it is reasonable to assume he would have won 300 games.  I do not believe he will get in simply based on the fact that there are more deserving candidates that are coming along, but its an interesting topic.

What do you all think?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Season 22 Player Awards


Chris Roberts, 2B Seattle Mariners

This is the 28-year old's third MVP, winning previously in Season 18 and Season 20.  Roberts hit .314, with 34 HRs and 92 RBI and scored 119 runs.  He led the league with an amazing .438 OBP.  Roberts is still in his prime, but he'll have to see if he can break the streak of winning every other year and take home the Season 23 MVP.


Mike Rushford, 1B Milwaukee Brewers

This is the former Rookie of the Year's second straight MVP.  The 29-year old followed up his 60 HR and 142 RBI season 21 performance with a 53 HR, 137 RBI, 115 RS performance while hitting .310.  He now has 272 HRs in his 5+ year career.


Steve Reed - Seattle Mariners

Reed finished 20-5 with a 2.90 ERA and a 1.06 WHIP in 217 innings for a 115-in Seattle team.  This is Reed's second Cy Young with a similar 20-5 mark in Season 20.  In his 5 year ML career, Reed has averaged nearly a 16-7 mark with a 3.06 ERA.  The 29-year year old hopes to take home is third award in Season 23.


Philip Ramson, New York Mets

The 27-year old won his second Cy Young award in his age 26 season with an outstanding 21-5 record and a 2.52 ERA.  His 1.04 WHIP in 228 innings and 203 Ks were the best marks of his career which should scare NL hitters for years to come.


Ariel Rivera - Texas Rangers

The 25-year old rookie hit .312 in his rookie campaign with 29 HR and 104 RBI.  He has an OBP over .400 and scored an amazing 141 runs with 43 doubles.    He also played an exceptional 2B with 19 plus plays and only 6 errors 496 attempts while winning the gold glove for 2B.


Damaso Camacho - Philadelphia Phillies

Camacho was also a bit old for a ROY - winning it in his age 26 season.  He hit only .260 but mashed 35 HR and drove in 99 runs.   He was also a versitle fielder playing RF and 1B where he had 12 plus plays. 

AL Fireman

Jason Mulholland - Seattle Mariners

Mulholland dominated once again winning his third fireman of the year award.  He saved 50 games for the second time in his career in only 57 chances.  He held opponents to a .211 BA and an amazing .566 OPS giving up just 5 HRs. 

NL Fireman

Sam Figueroa - Washington Nationals

The soon to be 28 year old free agent saved 40 games in only 43 changes with a minisule 1.81 ERA and a WHIP of 1.12.  He gave up just 9 ER all season long while walking just 7 and striking out 30.