Thursday, May 16, 2013


I'd like to start a new debate on this blog - the top pitcher and top position player of all time.  I'll start with the nominees for the top position player of all-time.  After we vote, I'll post the winner.

1.  Chris Roberts - Seattle Mariners

Roberts is currently 31 years old in his 9th Season in the Majors and he already has accumulated these stats:

9-Time All-Star
5-Time MVP
1 World Series Ring
.334 Average (3rd All-Time, .446 OBP (1st All-Time), .584 Slugging Percentage, 221 SB and 414 HR

Its clear that Chris Roberts is going to be a sure fire Hall-of-Famer and is a good nominee for All-Time Greatest Position Player.

2.  Ronnie Hodges - Colorado Rockies
Hodges is the first member of the Majors Hall-of-Fame.  He was a 3-Time MVP, 5 Time All-Star and accumulated a .321 Batting Avg, with a .397 OBP and and a .606 Slugging Percentage.  His overall stats were hurt by the fact that he started in Season 1 of Majors and only was able to play 12 years.

3.  Ron Jacobs - Boston Red Sox

The standard bearer.  Jacobs is the front-runner for this award.  He's accumulated the most amazing stats and was a recently elected to the Majors Hall-of-Fame.  His stats are a listing of the top of the all-time leader board:

Avg:  .346 - 1st All Time
Hits:  3503 - 1st All Time
HR:  913 - 1st All Time
OBP:  .426 - 2nd All-Time
Slug:  .677 - 1st All-Time
12 Time All Star and 10-time MVP all most ever.  He aslo added 2 World Series rings.

4.  Vin Colome - Texas Rangers

Second All-Time in HRs with 818, Colome was a 9-time All-Star and 1 time MVP.  He would have won more MVP's if it wasn't for Jacobs.  He also added had 3107 Hits and 2,284 RBI and played a decent 3B (although he struggles when played out of position at SS).

5.   William Mateo - Colorado Rockies
You can argue that Mateo is a product of his environment, but he hit .305 with 30 HRs in San Fransico this past season.  He, like Roberts is 31, and is entering his 11th Season.  He stats to date have been excellent:  .340 Avg (would place him 2nd all time), .418 OBP, .602 Slugging, with 337 HRs and over 1600 hits.  He's a 8-Time All-Star

Honorable Mention:  Sammy Alexander:  7-Time All-Star, 594 HRs, 2 Gold Gloves and 1 MVP; Doc Kingman: .420 OBP, 576 HR, .302 Avg., 5-Time All-Star; Donaldo Martin:  .297 Avg, 708 HR, .362 OBP. 1 MVP and 2 World Series Rings; Del Matsui, 6-Time All-Star, 1 MVP, 2 World Series Rings, 2 Gold Gloves, 573 HR, 463 SB, .291 Avg.; and Oscar Womack, .316 Avg., 519 SB, 1884 runs (4th All-Time), 444 HR, 8-Time All-Star, 2 World Series Rings and 2 Gold Gloves.

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