Thursday, September 3, 2009

Majors Hot Stove Report

Here we are just 39 games into the season and already with a lot of potential need for trades.

- The Angels have reportedly gotten very pro active in contacting several teams about trades for SP and SS.

- The Diamondbacks are in hot pursuit of a defensive C to guide their pitching staff.

- The Dodgers are working the phones to come away with some key pitching additions to their staff. It's a big need for them especially in the dogfight for their division.

- Houston is seeking a very good CF to anchor their defense as they continue their march this season.

- Needs for SP seems to be a common theme as the Giants and Padres seek to add some SP to bolster their rosters.

- TB is trying it's best to upgrade at several positions. The key targets appear to be at C and SP.

- Toronto is searching for a trade partner who can provide them with bullpen help. Long relief and closer seem to be the needs.

- Cincinnati is seeking to stock the farm as they are dangling bait to snag some prospects this season.

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