Thursday, September 3, 2009

League Look-In NL

After taking a gander at the AL. We now take a peak at the senior circuit through the first 39.

The infamous Hanley Walker has resumed his one man army form from last season.
6-1 in 71.2 innings with a 2.76 ERA and 78 K's.
But potential ROY and CY Young contender Babe Meulens is overshadowing Mr. Walker this season. 9-0 in 59.2 innings pitched, a 1.66 ERA, .194 oav and 34 K's. The Babe is definitely one to watch comes this award season. Tim Lincecum much?

The Padres
Scott Johnstone is playing out of his mind right now. Leading the world in BA at .400.
His best work as a hitter was in his 3rd ML season as a .278 hitter. Though he did his 32 HR's and drive in 103 last season, He should come back down to earth in the near future.

Brendan Bryant of SF is staking his claim for early season NL MVP.
He's battling it out with Johnstone but his .316 BA along with 13 HR's and 38 RBI's sets him apart as he leads the NL in RBI's.

The battle for #1 might be an even tighter race here than in the AL.
Cincinnati is the best team right now and is building upon last years success. Montreal is not far behind after a disastrous previous season with WS hopes crushed. Washington,Pitt,Colorado,Houston and Florida are all nipping at their heels for now as well.

Everyone has to be thinking "where did that come from" when looking at the NL West and seeing the Colorado Rockies in the #1 spot at this point in the season. It's early but they could definitely qualify for the most surprising team.

The most disappointing team has to be the Anaheim Angels this go round. Currently sitting dead last in the division at 15-24 after a 102 win playoff season last year. A team with WS hopes who is now playing for the worst record in the NL can't sit well with the fans.

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