Thursday, May 7, 2009

Questionable Trade Raises Eyebrows

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This just in to our TMI studios.
A proposed deal between the Baltimore Orioles and the Montreal Expos has raised the ire of several GM's.
Reportedly the deal would send Orioles slugger Lon McCallum for Eddie Jones & Donaldo Martin.
"This proposal doesn't make any damn sense. Why would you trade the NL MVP a guy who hit 64 HR's and drove in 173. But to then add in a future closer with All-star potential? This is not the NBA but Montreal is giving it away like the Grizzlies gave away Gasol." One American League scout was quoted as saying.
Our league insider Braylon White spoke to a trusted league source who had this to say.
"If you look at his history(Baltimore owner Selmer) this kind of thing happens every season. Some owner gets foolish and desperate enough to deal away top end young talent for a "stud" Baltimore player. There was a situation a few seasons ago where a GM was so irate over the attempted rob job that was proposed that there was a huge blowout and the GM won't even look at a proposal from Baltimore. He just rejects it. I mean you can't really fault a GM if he gets away with it, but it tends to get way out of hand."
So far reactions around the league are of the angered variety, but only time and votes will tell whether the outcry is of substance or simply pompous style.

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