Thursday, May 7, 2009

Barcelo Refuses To Re-Sign With Blue Jays

TMI reports that Rodrigo Barcelo has refused to resign with the Toronto Blue Jays this offseason.

Rodrigo Barcelo
Age: 28B/T: R/R
Born: Williston, SC
Position(s): SS/DH
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Rodrigo Barcelo was the Blue Jays key aquisition in making the run to win the AL North last season. GM Indiansrck27 made the decision to trade away 3 prospects for Barcelo. At the time of the trade Irock stated that he did not believe this was a half season rental. Barcelo in 54 games with the Blue Jays batted .336 with 12 HR and 41 RBIs. Barcelo was a crucial piece in the puzzle that was the blue Jays playoff run and now some believe the Blue Jays could take a step back as several other players mostly bull pen arms have refused to sign with the Blue Jays.

Rodrigo Barcelo released a statement late tonight on his reasons of refusing to resign.

"Mire su no que yo me puse como la organización Azul de Arrendajo. Su el hecho sencillo que ese dinero habla. Yo le digo en este momento yo quiero jugar para los Arrendajos Azules, ellos uno de las mejores organizaciones allí. Mi familia y yo adoraron vida en Toronto, hermosa ciudad. El entrenador Dodd y Sr. Irock son dos de los mejores tipos que yo jamás he encontrado. Pero tengo una familia grande y necesito para tener cuidado rmy de fo mejores intereses. Honestamente estaré tirando para Toronto para poner int que él mandó alto. Creo que acabaré por atrás en Toronto."

Translated As

"Look its not that I dont like the Blue Jay organization. Its the simple fact that money talks. I'm telling you right now I want to play for the Blue Jays, they one of the best organizations out there. My family and I loved living in Toronto, beautiful city. Coach Dodd and Mr. Irock are two of the best guys I have ever met. But I have a big family and need to look out fo rmy best interests. Honestly I will be pulling for Toronto to put in the highest bid. I believe I will end up back in Toronto."

Michael Brewer reporting for TMI.

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