Sunday, May 10, 2009

Barcelo Defects To Montreal

In a stunning move that has angered Blue Jays fans and management alike. SS Rodrigo Barcelo has rebuffed lucrative contract offers from the Blue Jays and signed with rival Montreal.
It seemed to be a forgone conclusion that while Barcelo would test his value in the open market. He would simply use it to gain a better deal from the Blue Jays. But now comes word that talks between the two sides broke down sometime today. The nature of the issue was unknown but it is not believed to be money. Quickly after talks stalled with Toronto he was signed by the Expos.

"I am absolutely stunned and irate beyond words at this moment. No manner of words could express the feeling of utter betrayal this organization and it's fans feel right now." Said owner indiansrck27

When reached by phone to comment Barcelo would only say. "I look forward to beating Toronto soundly this season. But to my new home in Montreal; Concordia Salus"

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