Friday, December 26, 2008

The Race For The Playoffs - American League

The playoff picture is becoming more and more crystal clear going into the last chunk of the HBD season.
With most teams having just 30 games remaining on their respective schedules. The playoffs truly begin in earnest now. It can only be described as a best of 30 series to find out just who deserves: wants, needs or bleeds the possibility of winning a championship more.
Anything can happen once your in, from a dynasty dominating it's way to superiority not seen since the Ching dynasty or an upset so shocking the battle that inspired the film 300 would pale in comparison to.

One thing is certain, there will be winners who rejoice and there will be loser who cry while waiting again for next year.

AL North
The tightest race in the AL not named wildcard. The Minnesota Twins hold a 2 game lead currently. On paper the strongest franchise is the Twins but those Cleveland Indians are a scrappy bunch that refuses to let up.

AL East
This is the craziest race in the Majors. 3 teams with a shot at the title. 3 teams with a chance to make the playoffs. Which is why only 2 might make. Baltimore and their Selmer led greatness vie for their 10th straight division crown. Boston has the greatest chance to knock the armed with balance and Ron Jacobs. Their 3 games back with a chance to make things very interesting.
The final hoss in the equation is the defending champion Chicago Whitesox. They will go as far as their pitching staff can carry them.

AL South
Tampa has the division title all but sewn up with a 13 game lead over Texas. They are always likely to guide themselves to the #1 overall seed and a 1st round bye. Texas is still in the playoff hunt but will need a strong finish.

AL West
The move to Colorado has served Richelle & the boys well. They will likely clinch their first division title and playoff berth since season 8. Up 12 games on the Arizona Diamondbacks.

1.Tampa Bay
6.Chicago Over Texas in a dogfight

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