Sunday, November 30, 2008

Interleague Rivalry Brewing

Colorado Rockies GM richelle finally responded to comments that the Rockies offense was greatly overrated.

"He's an idiot with oral diarrhea. That's all i'm going to say on the subject." Chelle said after the team's 5-2 win Sunday night to complete the 3 game sweep.

San Francisco Giant GM jclarkbaker made the comments last Tuesday when asked what he thought of the Rockies hot start.

"Your kidding me right? There playing in Colorado with a DH. We'll see how good that offense is playing without a DH in a ballpark at sea level." He went on to say "I look foward to having them come to our park."

"I guess we found out who was overrated. Only thing i will say is 2 things and they are the only ones that matter." Chelle said. When further pressed on the issue "25-5 and 3-0, lets hear him talk now." All said with a big grin on his face.

jclarkbaker refused to comment, saying only "Get that camera out of my face." While exiting the building.

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