Friday, December 26, 2008

The Race For The Playoffs - National League

Tick tock, the sounds of the season ticking away. Precious second winding down. The frustration of being left out, the pure joy of being a winner. Polarizing games and shining moments to define not only a season. But to define a legacy.

There are just 30 games remaining. 30 statements to be made. 30 Chances to prove that you belong.

The races are tight. The fueds are bitter and the desparation building to a boiling point.
Only time will tell who truly belong as the playoffs prove everything.

NL North
The Expos are brimming with confidence heading into the last stretch. They hold a 9 game lead over the Pirates and are likely to clinch their first division title and playoff berth in franchise history.

NL East
A full on 4 team race to first place. Every team has an equal shot to win it. Chicago is still reeling from the WS loss but they hold the 2 game edge over the Philadelphia Phillies. But just 4 and 5 games separate Washington and Cincinnati respectively. It's anyone's to win but it seems no one really wants to.

NL South
Just 3 games separate the Florida Marlins and the Atlanta Braves for the division title. This one will be one of the more intriguing races to watch. The winner makes the playoffs and takes the crown but if thing play out right the loser could lock up a WC berth.

NL West
San Francisco looks primed to lock up their 6th straight NL West crown. With an 8 game lead only a choke job the size of their recent playoff woes or that of futility vs the Rockies earlier this season. Would appear to be able to stop them. One thing is certain, the 3 game set vs Anaheim to end the season will have great playoff implications one way or another.

1.Montreal Expos
2.San Francisco Giants
3.Florida Marlins
4.Chicago Cubs
5.Pittsburgh Pirates
6.Anaheim Angels or Atlanta Braves

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