Monday, May 23, 2011

Power Rankings - AL East Reigns Supreme

Old-Time rivals reign atop the new Majors Power Rankings. The Red Sox and Yankees are 1-2 in the AL Rankings while the entire AL East makes the Top 10. The Brewers, who have not been relevant for the past 10 seasons currently sit atop the NL Rankings. Here is the Majors Top 10:

1. Milwaukee Brewers 38-18: 38 wins and 196 runs allowed vault Milwaukee to the top of the standings.

2. Boston Red Sox 38-18: The Red Sox have scored 321 to lead the AL and all non-mile high teams.

3. Kansas City Royals 33-23: Only 33 wins, but 6-5 in one run games means the Royals are playing better than their record. Plus, only allowed 209 runs - second in all of Majors.

4. New York Yankees 37-19: Based solely on 37 wins. 5-0 record in extra-innings games has helped.

5. Baltimore Orioles 35-21: Orioles lead by the incomparable future Hall of Famer Ron Jacobs - .1117 OPS.

6. Cincinatti Reds 33-23: Most runs scored in the NL at sea level.

7. Washington Nationals 33-23: 7 blown saves have cost the Nationals.

8. New York Mets 35-21: Only one full season removed from 42 wins, team has been a great story and mikebr13 deserves a lot of credit.

9. Toronto Blue Jays 31-25: 5-8 in one run games - team is much better than record.

10. Chicago White Sox: 4-9 in one-run games assures that all 4 teams from the East make the Top 10.

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