Sunday, April 3, 2011

Royals Take Home Title, Overeasy Wins GM of the Year

A newcomer this past season to the Majors, but certainly not a newcomer to HBD, Overeasy took over the Kansas City Royals franchise that was mired in mediocrity. The Royals won the division in their first two seasons, but have had only three (3) winning seasons since Season 2. Nothing big was expected from Kansas City, but Overeasy immediately overhauled the team. He brought in closer Brian Cheung and ace Shannon Sheldon to match with Richie Wilkins who was brought in the year before. Riding a big year from Rigo Jose (35 HR and 133 RBI) and Darryl Hammonds (37HR 122 RBI), Overeasy won the division with 99 wins, the most in franchise history since Season 1.

In the post season, Ed Everett hit 4 HRs and drove in 13 RBI, but it was the pitching that led KC to the World Championship. Richie Wilkins pitched 45 postseason innings and Brian Cheung saved 4 games while the Royals defeated Washington and their 106 win team, 4 games to 2. Based on his success, Overeasy has been voted the Majors GM of the Year over ajb_101 and his Washington Nationals. Congrats to Overeasy.

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