Sunday, November 8, 2009

Baltimore Wins Seventh Title in 13 Seasons

The dominance of the Baltimore Orioles and their owner Selmer continued in Season 13. The Orioles beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-2 to win their second straight title. It is the 3rd time that the Orioles have won back to back titles (they once won three straight titles to start the Majors League).

Although the championship of the league has been dominated by Baltimore, the league had some fresh faces in the playoffs this year. The Louisville Sluggers franchise made their first appearance in the playoff since season 7. Also, the Toronto franchise made only their second appearance in the playoffs in Season 13 and the Washington franchise made their first appearance in the playoffs since Season 3. However, along with those newcomers were the league regulars - Florida has made the playoffs 13 straight times, winning the division every season and Pittsburgh also made it for the 13th straight season. Finally, San Fransisco won their 9th straight division title.

The league is looking forward to Season 14 to see if the same teams will dominate or will new franchises set up to make the playoffs.

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