Thursday, September 3, 2009

Majors Hot Stove - Update

Word is circling around TMI studios that the Tornoto Blue Jays and Oakland A's have reached an agreement where Carter King goes to Toronto and Sidney Griffin goes back to Oakland. Several other players are rumored to be involved including cash.

There are conflicting reports as Blue Jay GM Indiansrck27 has stated "Us saying that we would do a Griffin/King trade was a joke, we are not open to trading Sidney Griffin at all never were, such trade was never even considered by us. Are we interested in CK? Hell yeah, who isnt. He deserves to have proper coaching and be surrounded by a real offense, not in the minors rotting."

TMI studios is reporting that an offer was in fact made but we can not confirm whther it was truely accepted or not. GM Irock has been known to stir things up, and may be bluffing on this one. Word is the two sides are still speaking on the subject.

You heard it first here at TMI Studios.

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