Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nationals Launch Fire Sale

Washington D.C.
Washington D.C. Nationals (NL)
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News out of Washington today is that the team is placing all of it's players on the block.
After a disappointing start to the season at 28-44(now in a 5 way dance for the #1 pick.)
the team is looking to sell off it's assets for young talent. While GM ajb_101 has placed calls to all franchises to let it be known he's willing to listen to all offers. We have learned through league sources that that does not mean they will move franchise player Lon Mullens.

The main focus of opposing GM's seems to be Lon Mullens, Troy Ellenwood and Ivan Franco.
Deals are being discussed as we speak but nothing is imminent as of yet. "There is a team out there with severe interest in a Nationals player and i could see something happening quickly on him" Said one source.

Who is shipped out of D.C. is anyone's guess but we here at TMI will keep you abreast of the news as we hear it.

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