Monday, May 18, 2009

Season 12 Preview

(predicted record)


Pittsburgh (101-61, Division Winner): The World Series Champs added Hanley Walker, which will strengthen what was already one of the best staffs in the league. They’ll be pushed by Montreal, but expect them to win the division again.

Montreal (95-67, Wild Card): Montreal’s GM went nuts this offseason, even though this was a team that had the best offense in the National League last season. They’ll score runs again, and the nuttiness looked like it strengthened the pitching staff.

New York (92-70): The Mets pretty much stayed pat in the offseason. They’ll push for the Wild Card, but they do not appear to have enough to catch either Montreal or Pittsburgh.

Milwaukee (71-91): The Brewers are continuing their rebuilding process and do not appear to be a threat to challenge for the playoffs.


Chicago (86-76 Division Winner): The addition of rookies and veteran pitching will likely be enough to put the Cubs over the top for a second year in a row in what will once again be a very competitive NL East.

Washington (82-80): Washington will move ahead of Cinci and make a push for the division with the addition of free agent Rico Ortiz and shortstop Diego Deleon.

Cincinnati (77-85): Anything is possible in the NL East, so don’t count Cinci out. But they likely will not have enough to overtake Chicago.

Philadelphia (77-85): Philly made some good free agent signings with Wade Linton and Jeff Matthews, and they will make some noise in a division that is tough to predict.


Florida (91-71 Division Winner): Florida added young pitching with Hector Ray and Jeff Gray. They’ll likely take the NL South division title yet again.

St. Louis (85-77): St. Louis picked up Bill Parkers (FA) and Jim Roberts (trade), and they will help. A Wild Card berth is a possibility.

Atlanta (79-83): Ken Simon is a solid vet but not a game changer. Atlanta will likely be looking up at Florida and St. Louis again in Season 12.

Houston (72-90): Houston will be improved, but will once again bring up the rear in the NL South.


San Francisco (98-64 Division Winner): The addition of Jeff Stone to shore up an already solid rotation will be enough to edge out Anaheim for the division.

Anaheim (95-67 Wild Card): Anaheim added a big bat with the addition of Charlie Beckwith, and they will threaten San Francisco for the division. Even if they don’t beat them out, they will have a chance in the playoffs.

San Diego (78-84): San Diego made a few smart offseason moves by adding veteran pitchers Alberto Padilla and Buddy Fleming. They will be improved but won’t have enough to threaten their northern division mates.

Colorado (69-93): Goodbye LA, hello mile high. threester has moved his new team to Colorado and has acquired some big bats. It will be fun to watch.


Toronto (93-69 Division Winner): Veteran pitching was on the menu in the offseason, and Jeff Skinner was the big addition. Those moves will prove key for Toronto in the division race.

Minnesota (89-73): Unlike Toronto which upgraded with vets, Minnesota is looking for rookies Orber Benitez and Pete Conway to contribute. They will do just that, but it won’t be enough to take the division. The Wild Card is a possibility.

Cleveland (88-74): Cleveland was fairly quiet in the offseason. However, in a competitive division, they will be in the hunt.

Detroit (57-105): Detroit added Alex Cedano which will help the offense. They’re doing better than the Big 3 auto makers, but that’s not saying too much.


Boston (99-63 Division Winner): Boston can hit. Will it be enough to return to the World Series? Maybe. A division title is likely.

Chicago (96-66 Wild Card): Pittsburgh’s gain was Chicago’s loss. And Hanley Walker’s departure will likely cost Chicago the division.

Baltimore (95-67 Wild Card): Selmer is at it again. Trading away vets for quality young talent. They won’t win the division this year, but Boston better not get too comfortable, because that all too familiar team will be back on top soon.

New York (57-105): YANKEES (still) SUCK! But they’re getting better.


Tampa Bay (99-63 Division Winner): Tampa Bay remains the class of the AL South. The addition of Dennys Osborne will help them stay on top.

Texas (90-72): Byron Terry was a good get, but Texas likely doesn’t have enough to make up ground on Tampa Bay. Look out for them in the Wild Card hunt.

Louisville (79-83): Power hitting Chipper Martin was added and he will help the offense. If it’s a good season, look for Louisville flirt with the Wild Card.

Kansas City (68-94): Small market KC (wait, isn’t there a salary cap?) will once again bring up the rear in the AL South.


Los Angeles (88-74 Division Winner): The former Colorado Rockies take up residence in la-la land. In a week division, even with the anticipated reduction in runs scored, they should still win the division.

Arizona (80-82): Joey Spradlin is a quality pickup, but Arizona needs to hope the former Colorado club really sees a run reduction to have any hope of winning the division.

Seattle (75-87): Seattle added veteran pitching in the pen, which is a good place to start. But it’s only a start. The weather remains gloomy in the Pacific Northwest.

Oakland (72-80): Carter King wears no cape. He is mortal and doesn’t have enough to make this season any different than last.

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