Monday, March 9, 2009

The Hot Stove Returns

The hot stove returns for your reading pleasure. After a month long absence to bring you the latest majors trade news.

The Baltimore Orioles are shopping superstar slugger Lenny Wigginton. They've made it known that for the right package they could let him fly to a new home. also being shopped is RP Vladimir Telemaco

The Philadelphia Phillies are dangling SP Felix Lee. The 33 year old has garnered interest from up to 16 teams.

The Toronto Bluejays continue their search for SP exploring all options.

The Anaheim Angels are seeking to add several pieces before the deadline. The priority seems to be an elite OF bat but there are rumors they are looking to add a SP as well as a SS.

There is also rumors of a deal brewing between two NL teams for a arm. The teams have yet to come to terms but it is indeed in the preliminary stages of a deal.

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