Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Never A More Heated Rivalry?

The past between the Anaheim Angels and the San Francisco Giants is a storied one.
Never have they been friends, never equals nor even friendly.
It is a bitter past indeed. The Angels once a proud and storied franchise that did nothing but win. clinching 2 WS berths and 3 consecutive division titles while in Colorado before succumbing to poor ownership and personnel moves. Then in season 7 with a franchise on the brink of collapse GM Deaconsoule took over the franchise and sought to rid the NY Knickian franchise of all bloated contracts. Reshaping them as a build from within franchise and making it known the goal was to topple the juggernaut formed in San Francisco by GM jclarkbaker.

At first there was no afterthought given to the fledgling franchise by the Giants GM. Until the franchise dared show up in their backyard by moving to Anaheim and then to boldly proclaim they would end the reign of the Giants. Now in season 11 the rivalry has come to a head.

Hostilities continue to build as the Angels and Giants begin their 5th season in the same division and the fuel on the fire has been intensified by the Giants bringing home their first WS championship. With the Giants claiming they now have no issue with trading with the Angels after a long standing rule of not trading within the division. "That is my personal rule. But if I am not afraid of the other player in my division, I can waive it." Said jclarkbaker as he chomped down on a famous Stanley's Steamers Hot Dog.

Word got back to the Angels GM who had previously angered Giants management by signing away young bench coach Norm Pride in season 9. "They can keep their decrepit scrubs, we'll destroy them this season."

The rivarly was non existent, then bitter and it's almost a war.

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