Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Majors Hot Stove Report #1

Things are sizzling already on the hot stove this offseason. We here at the TMI studios are working the phone lines to bring you the up to date news from around the Majors.

The Toronto Bluejays have made it known they will be shopping Wayne Jones,Malcolm May,Francisco Tejada,Rich Edwards & others around for prospects this offseason.
The plan reportedly is to shed payroll and focus on building through the draft and international free agency.

The Anaheim Angels who are coming off their best record since season 2. Have put uber prospect slugger Del Miranda up for auction to the highest bidder that returns a potential ace of staff to them.

The San Francisco Giants aka the defending world champions. Are said to be seeking to add a strong setup man to their leaky pen. They also will look to gain some prospects from their aging veterans through trade.

There will be much more to come as the hot stove burns.

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