Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just Venting...

Normally i don't do this but at this time i feel the need.

As a player who loves to wheel and deal when it's opportune situation for improvement.
I must say there is nothing i hate more than someone telling you that you don't know what your player or prospect is worth.

It's one thing to say that "wow that's too steep a price" or even "you must really think alot of that guy". It's another thing however to basically be told that because of a track record or previous success, you should be willing to deal a player you like better in the long term for someone the other GM feels fits your team better.

Generally the person who knows your team best is you since your building it tirelessly through the seasons and hoping to make it into a championship winning juggernaut. So when another GM feels the need to tell me what's best for my players, franchise & season i think to myself.

If you feel strongly enough to tell me i overvalue that player then it means all the more reason why i don't need to trade him. Because either you know the player is going to be a stud & you'll have him for cheap. Or you've locked in on him for other reasons.

Either way i know what's best for my team. If someone else doesn't like it i could frankly not care but i will this. You can kiss it not to left, not to right...but right in the groove. (_|_)

Aaah i feel better now

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