Wednesday, April 9, 2008

To Win Now Or To Win Later?

One of the most crucial things about Hardball Dynasty is setting your team's payroll.
If you set it properly this can be a huge boon to your team's success. But if you make a mistake this could doom your season.

With that being said simply because a team spends 120 million on payroll does not automatically mean you will win a World series or even make the playoffs, you must first determine your strategy for the season & then set the payroll within line of it.

this is an example of the line of thinking a GM might have in setting their budget for the upcoming season.

Team 1 - Win Now Notes

Player Payroll : $ 119 M Win World Series
Prospect Payroll : $ 7 M Add talent to system
Coaches Payroll : $ 13 M Good coaches produce wins
Domestic College Scouting Dept. : $ 0 M Don't need this season
Domestic High School Scouting Dept. : $ 0 M Not important now
International Scouting Dept. : $ 8 M Will see key guys
Advance Scouting Dept. : $ 20 M Build team through trades
Training : $ M
Medical : $ M
Total Allocated (of $185,000,000): $ M

Team 2 - Build For The Future Notes

Player Payroll : $ 63 M Sign Cheap FA's for ML
Prospect Payroll : $ 20 M Focus on Draft
Coaches Payroll : $ 14 M Pitching & Bench
Domestic College Scouting Dept. : $ 14 M Bump up next season
Domestic High School Scouting Dept. : $ 14 M Good
International Scouting Dept. : $ 14 M Spend on key players only
Advance Scouting Dept. : $ 14 M Set for trading
Training : $ 14 M Develop prospects
Medical : $ 14 M Reduce injury risk
Total Allocated (of $185,000,000): $ M

Now this example is not to say that Team 2 can't be just as good as Team 1 with great quality & depth but Team 2 leans more to a rebuilding mode with developing players whereas Team 1 shows a more aggressive "go for it all" type style.
Which suits you is for you to decide but remember to choose wisely.

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