Monday, April 7, 2008

New To HBD Do's & Dont's

Read the help menu & the forums
Ask questions of the vets in the league
Check your minor league teams frequently(the sim tends to run them down)
Check minor league options for player you trade for
When hiring coaches look at all the ratings & not just the main one
Keep alot of extra pitchers on your minor league team
Check the "true" position of the players on your roster(a SS with all 70's is a liability on defense but might be an excellent 2B,3B,LF or RF)
Protect Your Prospects from the rule V draft(if you see they have potential to contribute in the majors then don't leave it to chance)
Use the waiver wire carefully(you can find some very nice players on there but if you pick up a bad deal you could land your team in a financial crunch)
Budget wisely(if you make a mistake there is a 50% penalty for transfering & you end up with "dead cap")

*Rush into trading just cause you think it's fun
*Dole out major league baseball contracts to sign a free agent(this is not the MLB & players don't have be given 5 year 165 mil deals to sign with you)
Look at only the overall ratings(this is very deceiving)
Release a player to make cap room(unless he is in arbitration if you waive him & he's not claimed by another team you are on the hook for the rest of his entire contract)
*Panic if you have a team with a less than desireable cap situation(if you wait it's likely to work in your favor as the last team with good players gets the best deal)
Spend all your payroll before the draft(this will handicap you if you have high or multiple decent picks)
Stagnate a player(if you never promote him he'll retire & you'll lose a valueable chip for your franchise)

* Vital to success & making the game more enjoyable

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