Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome Back!

World Majors is happy to welcome jclarkbaker and deaconsoule back to the league and hope they can bring their new teams to the competitve level they once had their teams before they left.

Jclarkbaker returns to Majors after missing the last 2 seasons. Instead of GMing the Giants jclark has taken the rebuild Atlanta Braves. Jclark has a career record of 1244-861 in 13 seasons in Majors including winnign the WS back in season 10. Only time will tell if the Braves will climb out of the cellar being led by jclark.

Deaconsoule returns to Majors after missing the last 2 seasons. Deac takes over the Arizona Diamondbacks instead of the Angels. One thing that will be missed is the constant back and forth of jclark and deac in the NL West. Is it coincidence they both returned after 2 seasons? Are they destined to face off in the WS in the future? Deac has a career record of 543-591 in 8 seasons in Majors.

Again we welcome back and look forward to many more seasons of Jclarkbaker and Deaconsoule.

We also want to welcome brand new owners timo1964 taking over the KC Royals, azlife takign over the LA Angels, and brentcnb taking over the Florida Marlins

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