Thursday, January 21, 2010

Power Rankings

Its been a while, but its time for a new power rankings given that we are down to the last two weeks of Season 14. After a few seasons of dominance by a small amount of franchises, the Majors League has really become wide open. Traditional powers Milwaukee (complete collapse) and Baltimore (only 81 wins with two weeks to go) and even S.F. (only 82 wins, although still leading its division) are no longer in the top 5 power rankings, opening the way for new owners.

1. Toronto Blue Jays: 101-48 Payroll: $108.3 Million

Toronto is actually performing worse than its expecting winning percentage of .687. But you can't argue with 101 wins and the second most runs scored in all of baseball to go with the least amount of runs allowed in the AL.

Team MVP: Orel West SP: 18-5, 2.97 ERA, 1.09 WHIP

2. Cincinnati Reds: 93-56 Payroll: $72.8 million

Making the most, by spending in the lower half of the League, Cincinnati is doing it with pitching, allowing only 514 runs, almost 50 runs less than the next closest team in the Majors. However, their record in 1 runs games, 22-24 is holding them back from the top spot.

Team MVP: Ken O'Connor SP: 14-6, 2.21 ERA, 1.04 WHIP

3. Montreal Expos: 94-55 Payroll: $125 million

Montreal is going for broke - literally, spending a whopping 125 million. However, its paid off with a 94-55 record with 2 weeks to go. And Montreal is doing it the opposite of Cincinnati - with offense scoring 70 runs more than any other NL team.

Team MVP: Kory Moreno RF: .327 BA, .413 OBP, .556 Slug 27 HR, 119 RBI, 97 R, 21 SB

4. Pittsburgh Pirates: 90-59 Payroll: $106 million

Pittsburgh is performing much worse than its expected winning percentage of .634 mostly due to its 20-21 record in 1 run games. But don't be confused by the 90 wins, this team is very good. They have allowed only 565 runs - 2nd in all of Majors.

Team MVP: Virgil Javier LF: .279 BA, .380 OBP, .497 Slug. 29 HR, 112 RBI, 104 R, 30 SB

5. LA Dodgers: 95-54 Payroll: $95.8 million

The dogers are just 12-10 in extra inning games. A few more wins in that category and LA could be atop this list. Again, pitching rules as LA is only allowing 591 runs this season. However, LA has also scored almost 800 runs, so they are a very balanced team. This team is dangerous once the playoffs start.

Team MVP: Alex Stein 1B: .332 BA, .416 OBP, .549 Slug 28 HR, 118 RBI, 81 R

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