Sunday, August 2, 2009

Season 13 Ownership Opportunites

Heading into season 13, we take a look at the open team for the majors upcoming season.

American League

New York Yankees 53-109 #2 Draft Selection
Major League Foundation: Questionable
Bret Corder(82/88),Tim Alexander(70/81),Gregg Tunkel(79/86),Boomer Matthews(75/78),Cecil Williams(70/76),Terry Clark,Francisco Tejada,
Minor League Building Block: Good
Alex Cosby(58/87),Goose Leary(66/83),Fritz Wood(71/81),Joaquin Galarraga(51/70),Blade Garcia(43/70),Max Hardy(56/71)
Outlook: Rebuild
"Will play for draft picks." Is the sign that should be up in the window for the ML roster. It has some nice young players but there is a tremendous drop off after the best 2-3.
The talent in the minors is there(especially at pitching). But no one has managed to turn it into more than a Pirate like youth showcase before they're dealt away. The team has picked in the top 13 every season.
This franchise needs an owner who will come in and put the work in enough to use all the assets at it's disposal and take the franchise to the next level.

Kansas City Royals 64-98 #4 Draft Selection
Major League Foundation: Questionable
Yonder Valenzuela(78/83), Eli Prieto(84/88),Trevor DeJean,Lonnie Sweeney,Nolan Poole,Cesar Cedeno,Zeus Rando(71/74),Shane Thomas & Cliff Fick
Minor League Building Block: Poor
Keith Olsen(72/80),Tommy Prinz(64/78),Jerry Roberts(50/82),Louie Mendoza(64/75),Dee Dee Hunter(67/79),Lynn Parkinson(61/73),Omar Ortiz(58/75),Scott Nielsen(56/78),Mateo Santana(63/75) & Rudy Carter(56/73)
Outlook: Rebuild
It's beginning to become harder and harder to watch a team play so poorly on a consistent basis. The team has some talent but much like the Yanks after the top 2-3 it's a drop off and barely relevant.
The past few seasons have been a blueprint upon how to not run your minors.
Foul up after foul up with very high picks in the draft. The ones they have kept have been shipped off to other clubs faster than a mustang going 0 to 60.
This team is in shambles right now and needs a steady owner who will thrive in the challenge to make this team relevant.

National League
Atlanta Braves 65-97 #5 Draft Selection
Major League Foundation: Solid
Richard Battle,Ken Simon,Timothy Jackson,Brian Cheung(75/78),Damaso Pulido,Vic Wynn,Vance Shuey(69/76),Terrence Purcell,R.A. Reese(80/83),David Johnson(80/85),Terry Borland(75/81) & Napoleon Campbell(73/77)
Minor League Building Block: Terrible
Farmer Lockwood(47/79),Allan Worthington(73/81),
Luis Johnson(71/74),Sherry Thomas(67/79),Phil Chiba(58/68),Juan Fernandez(65/71),Don Drabek(71/74) & Glen Rusch(70/77)
Outlook: Rebuild
The issue with this club is that while they have a lot of quantity, they lack overall quality and depth. The overalls are nice but they won't win you many games.
The depth in the minors or should i say lack thereof. Is beyond glaring and will need to be rectified in a hurry to set this team right.
This team is the perfect candidate for a owner looking to DIY rebuild a franchise.

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