Sunday, April 12, 2009

Playoffs? You Talking About Playoffs?

The Regular Season is in the books for Majors and lets take a look at th eplayoff picture.

First up the seeds:

1. Chicago White Sox 107-55
2. Tampa Bay Rays 100-62
3. Colorado Rockies 91-71
4. Toronto Blue Jays 90-72
5. Boston Red Sox 95-67
6. Baltimore Orioles 94-68

1.Pittsburgh Pirates 98-64
2.San Francisco Giants 95-67
3.Florida Marlins 90-72
4.Chicago Cubs 84/78
5.Montreal Expos 94-68
6.New York Mets 93-69

First Round Matchups


Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red Sox* (Winner vs Chicago White Sox)

Colorado Rockies vs Balitmore Orioles* (Winner vs Tampa Bay Rays)


Chicago Cubs vs Montreal Expos* (Winner vs Pittsburgh Pirates)

Florida Marlins* vs New York Mets (Winner vs San Francisco Giants)

*Predicted Winner

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