Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Teams YOU Should Watch Out For

Every year in baseball there are surprsies, disapointments, upsets, we knew that wa gonna happens. But we rarely know who in fact these teams are who fulfill these needs. But this year we are bringing you the teams YOU should watch out for. This edition features 2 AL clubs, 1 NL club, and a super sleeper coming out of the Al.

First up are the Texas Rangers.

The Texas Rangers won 97 games last year while only losing 65, and they didnt make the playoffs. But this year could be different for the Rangers. Who could make a push for the playofs by overtaking the Rays. Some key players in the Rangers run this year include home running hitting, RBI machine
Vin Colome who needs to have another spectacular season in order for the Rangers to take down the rays. Christian Keeler also needs to have a big year offensively for the Rangers. If both players do put up big numbers, then the Rangers are sure to take down the Rays. The Rangers have an electric pitching staff including Miguel Moreno who is the reigning Cy Young winner. In conclusion if the Rangers stars can duplicate last years success, and with some help from the role players, the Rangers will be sitting atop the Al South

The Anaheim Angels finished 83-79 last year finishing 15 games behind their heated and hated rivals the San Fransico Giants. This offseason has been an active one for GM deaconsoule, as the Angels have bolstered their roatation by aquiring Wayne Jones and Vicente Espinosa from the Blue Jays, and Royals respectively. The Angels staff last year was less than impressive and was considered their biggest weakness. GM deaconsoule was quoted as saying "we are not done" and we can only assume, that the Angels are not done this offseason. Along with their pitching staff Augie Easley and the rest of the starting lineup will be key in the Angels chances this year. So with some luck, some good ball playing, and a little black magic the Anaheim Angels could be sitting atop of their heated rivals once the season is all said and done.

The Oakland Athletics finsished the seasn 73-89, a whooping 19 games behind the Rockies. Everyone would say that A's GM russilni is a loud mouth, and too confident in his under achieving teams. But this year, he may actually be able to backup what he is saying. We all know the A's have Carter King but thats all we really know. This offseason the A's went out with one goal in mind, and that was to sign 2 big FAs that will carry them to the divsion title. Although some believe they over paid for them, no one is doubting that the signings of Nick Cedeno and Sidney Griffin are huge. Pair those two with King, and Austin Crandall and the A's are looking very good to take down the Rockies. Not to mention the Rockies have a worried look on their face.

And now our super sleeper of the year.

The Toronto Blue Jays were horrendous last year. Winning only 49 games, and finishing 44 games back of the Twins. Some even went as far as saying former GM jimedcrew tanked the season. But after Indiansrck27s hiatus into exploring his college basketball coaching abilities, he has returned and already brought new life into this team. GM indiansrck27 was quoted as saying "This team is not a 49 win team, were just too good for that. This team last year had 80+ win talent. Something fishy went on last year. This year I can gurantee we win many more games." The Blue Jays have made some key moves this offseason leading some to agree that this team is a sleeper to take the AL North. Promoting Stud SP Shannon Sheldon, trading for a new MIF featuring Ray Malone and Angel Espinoza. And the signing of FA Matty Henderson all have the baseball world chatting. Not to mentionm the blue Jays look to add another SP through trading, or the Rule V draft. If all the cards fall into place for the Blue Jays we are looking at a very dangerous team who could very well take the division.

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