Thursday, October 16, 2008

Team Openings For Season 10

Hear ye! Hear Ye! The court of the honorable D. Richter is now in session.
The Majors is rolling into season 10 & there are 4 squads available for checkout.
All are in the AL(such bums they are)

AL North
Formerly The Toronto Bluejays
A intriguing opening this season. a 85-77 season previously with a chance to improve.

leads a effective pitching staff that includes Ruben Vallarta with a likelyhood to improve upon last season. Stud slugger Al Ruiz leads the offense which can only get better.
Season 8 #1 pick Shannon Sheldon could be added to the pitching staff but if not he definitely owns the distinction of being the top prospect in the system & perhaps the top pitching prospect in the majors. Season 8 IFA Dario Lee provides depth in the system as well.

AL South
Formerly The KC Royals
A contender in a tough division after a 85-77 rebound year last season the future looks bright as this team is primed for a run in season 10. Take your pick of the best player on their major league roster.

Vicente Espinosa & Lonnie Sweeney look to improve upon their numbers from last season and hope to guide this team to the playoffs and beyond.

Season 9 #1 overall pick Henry Walls along with IFA bonus baby Carlos Cruz add to a already stocked farm system.

Formerly The OKC Redhawks
A dismal 58-104 season looms large for the club heading into next season.
Luckily the team still has high hopes for the tandem of & Charlie Beckwith to guide their offense.

But there is much hope for the future of a once proud franchise that has yet to recover from the season 8 debacle. The season 8 triumvirite of Al Ramirez, Daniel Ramsay & Rheal Lange along with season 9 additions Bret Corder(#4 overall pick), Fernando Lopez, P.T. Johnson & Pedro Velazquez give the fans a glimpse of what the return to glory could be like.

AL West
Formerly The Colorado Rockies
A 75-87 squad last season lead by 24 y/0 stud hitter
on the major league side of things.

Ismael Santayana Is the best pitcher on the ML staff. Converting a career high 42 of 49 saves a season ago.

In the minors season 8 & 9 draftees Ed Gleason & Tony Walbeck lead the class of prospects.

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