Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Around The Rumormill

Quite a few to get to on ATR this evening.

First i'm hearing that stud free agent pitcher Curtis Smith is weighing several offers of $100+ million & will be making his decision soon. but i'm told he has turn down atleast 2 offers of $102,000,000

Another soon to make his decision on a new team is Sammy Alexander who is reportedly inching closer to a deal in excess of $96,000,000

Rob Flanagan, yet another Baltimore free agent is said to be entertaining offers well over $70,000,000 & has rebuffed several teams trying to snag him for less than $13,000,000 a season

Tony Mercedes & Alex Won are two others likely to break the bank this offseason, with Ken Simon, Barry James, Pat Houston, Al Service & Darryl McCartin having already signed the pool is getting much thinner to choose from. The real question is who's got the bank to afford to drive up prices so high & absorb it should it turn into a mistake?

With free agency dwindling down & teams cap space becoming smaller & smaller only time will tell who will get the biggest deal of them all. One thing is for sure however, this league's financial state is such that it's truly a buy or be left out market.

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