Sunday, June 15, 2008

Examining International Signings

The Bonus Babies ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Felipe Lucano SP - Detroit Tigers($17,000,000, MLB)
Projects as a solid fireballing #2-3 starter, 2 plus pitches with great control
Grade: B-

Damion Yamaguchi C- Atlanta Braves($14,200,000 MILB/STI)
Projects as a sweet swinging C who will hit for very good power & average, potential future MVP candidate.(very very good potential)
Grade: A

D'Angelo James CLA - Charlotte Black Knights($14,000,000 MLB)
Projects as a lights out closer with trick pitch stuff, plus velocity but will beat you with off speed.
Grade: B-

Yorvit Flores CLA - Montreal Expos($13,200,000 MLB)
Projects as yet another lights out closer but with a 3 pitch repertoire including a blazing fastball
Grade: B+

Jose Liriano CLA - Cincinnati Red Legs($12,400,00 MILB/STI)
Projects as a closer with control who will beat you with his first pitch & get groundball outs.
Grade: B

Harry Merced SS - Oklahoma City Red Rocks(now with the Detroit Tigers $11,500,000 MILB)
Signed as a SS but his position projects as a plus defensive second or third baseman(potentially even a centerfielder), solid bat with a bit of power
Grade: B

Danys Pulido CLA - Milwaukee Brewers($11,000,000 MLB)
Shows as a pure control pitcher with flyball tendencies who doesn't throw hard but possesses 2 plus plus pitches
Grade: C+

Francisco James LR - Arizona Diamondbacks($9,100,000 MILB)
projects as a long relief bullpen pitcher with spot starter potential
Grade: C-

Del Miranda 2B -Anaheim Angels($8,700,000 MILB)
projects as a power pull hitter, signed as a 2B but future is in left field or first base.
Grade: B

Victor Solano SP - Boston Redsox($8,500,000 MILB/STI)
Projection: Control Long Reliever or Minor league #2 starter
Grade: C-

The Second Tier --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

David Masato CLA - Houston Astros($7,900,000 MILB/STI)
Projection: Strike & ground ball out closer
Grade: C+

Rodrigo Rivera 2B - Philidelphia Phillies($7,400,000 MILB)
Projection: Slugging second baseman with power, allstar potential
Grade: B-

Dario Lee SP - Toronto Bluejays($7,200,000 MILB)
Projection: Control Long Reliever or Minor league #2 starter
Grade: C-

Rolando Segui 2B - San Francisco Giants($6,500,00 MILB)
Projection: defensive wizard Center fielder who hits for average & a little power
Grade: B+

Carlos Mercedes SS - Minnesota Twins($6,400,000 MILB)
Projection: Slugging third baseman with pop
Grade: B-

Vic Bonilla LF - Florida Marlins($6,000,000 MILB)
Projection: Below average defensive LF or gold glove 1B with power
Grade: C+

Odalis Moreno SP - Colorado Rockies($5,800,000 MILB)
Projection: Mopup duty pitcher with some starter potentiel, definite innings eater with ok control
Grade: D+

Valerio Romo 3B - Florida Marlins($5,500,000 MILB)
Projection: Gold glove 3B who hits for average & slight power
Grade: B-

Damaso Rosado SP - Oakland Athletics($4,400,000)
Projection: #3-4 Starter with serious strikeout potential
Grade: B

Julio Mendoza 3B - San Antonio Missions($4,300,000 MILB)
Projection: plus fielding 3B who can hit for average
Grade: C+

Pasqual Machado SP - Tampa Bay($3,600,000 MILB)
Projection: Mopup duty pitcher with setup potential, control issues & no plus pitches
Grade: D

Roberto Gil SP - Arizona Diamondbacks($2,900,000 MILB)
Projection: Long reliever with setup potential. big time heath risk, will never stay healthy
Grade: C-

Victor Campos C - Tampa Bay Rays($2,500,000 MILB)
Projection: slugging DH with a bit of power
Grade: C+

Vic Borbon CF - Philidelphia Phillies($2,500,000 MILB)
Projection: Slick fielding CF with little power & contact hitting, leadoff man potential
Grade: C

Felipe Colon CF - Cincinnati Red Legs($2,300,000 MILB w/STI)
Projection: Rangy CF with 50+ base stealing potential likely #2 hitter
Grade: C

Emmanuel Fernandez 3B - Seattle Mariners($2,300,000 MILB)
Projection: Average fielding 3B who will make his name with his bat not his glove
Grade: C

Livan Cedeno CLA - San Antonio Missions ($2,100,000 MILB)
Projection: Setup man or minor league closer
Grade: C

Ricardo Samuel SUA - Minnesota Twins($2,000,000 MILB)
Projection: Setup man with clear closer potential
Grade: B-

* Grades are based upon bonus amount, contract type, major league potential ,player projections & with some current performance factored in.

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