Thursday, April 17, 2008

Major Shakeup In Anaheim

The news has been fast and furious coming out of the city of angels as of late.
everything from block trades to mega deals.

The latest however came as a bit of a shock to the league.
The Anaheim Angels have done a overhaul of their coaching staff this season.

Exiting stage left are Skipper Andre Teut & Pitching coach Junior Katou.
Staying in their roles are Hitting coach Wiki Olivares, 1st base coach Sammy Chapman, 3rd base coach Harry Jodie & Field coach Albert Santiago.

Re-assigned are the following
Benito Franco: AAA to ML Bench coach
Charlie Glanville: Bullpen coach to Pitching coach.

Brought in was Bubba Hollandsworth who was a finalist for the Angels AAA pitching coach job last season before taking the same position with the Burlington franchise. he will serve as the new Bullpen coach taking over for Charlie Glanville.

New Staff
Bench Coach - Benito Franco: 1st season in the major leagues.
Pitching Coach - Charlie Glanville: 2nd season in the major leagues, 1st as pitching coach.
Hitting Coach - Wiki Olivares: Retained.
Fielding Coach - Albert Santiago: Retained.
Bullpen Coach - Bubba Hollandsworth: 1st season in the major leagues, 1st season with Angels.
Third Base - Harry Jodie: Retained, 2nd season in the major leagues.
First Base - Sammy Chapman: Retained, 2nd season in the major leagues.

When asked to comment on the situation at the press conference to announce the changes Angels VP deaconsoule had this to say.
"It came down to a change in philosophy, we were very disappointed with the effort this ballclub showed last season and we sought to change the makeup of this team going forward."
"We feel this will allow us to not only be very competitive in our division but as well as competing for a potential championship."

New Skipper Benito Franco was tempered in his expectations for this but also very adamant about the long term goals.
"I thank the Angels for giving me the opportunity to guide this club back to respectability but i want to be clear when i say this."
"We are going to be a very hard working and cerebral ballclub, we will never lose again by being outworked or by making dumb mistakes that cost you games."
"64-98 is not good enough, it's not good enough for me, for this franchise or this city."
"We will make the effort going forward to be a playoff club year in and year out & i promise you all one day i will bring a World Series championship to this franchise"

Bold words from a bold man but it remains to be seen if it will prove to be prophetic or foolish.

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